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About Us

Welcome to our website! We’re YS and JX, founders of this website and a couple based in Singapore. Just like most, we are working professionals trying to navigate our lives. We love a good adventure, stunning landscapes, rich cultures and definitely some mouthwatering food. 

Travel for us is not just an escape, but it is also about the experiences. Sometimes, we book a stay at an expensive resort or a Michelin meal as a treat but the next day we could be having a microwaved dinner from the convenience store and it’s all great fun to us. Though budget can sway the outcome of a trip, our focus is always good value. 

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While engineering is his profession, YS always had a creative side that he wanted to explore.

“It’s been a challenging yet rewarding process, and I’m excited to share our trips with you.”

When he’s not busy working, YS enjoys skating and playing billiards. These activities help him unwind and clear his head, allowing him to approach work with renewed energy and focus.

“Thank you for spending the time to read what we have written. I hope you find something here that inspires you, whether you’re an engineer, a fellow creative, or just someone with a curious mind.”

His favourite destination: Japan

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Marketing professional by day and skating enthusiast by hobby, JX really enjoys (over)sharing. 

Being a remote worker has given her the chance to explore the world and be location-free. This also gave her an idea to start this travel blog, to share her adventures as well as her experiences navigating remote working in various countries. The name of the website also came from JX’s surname — Goh, hence gohsomewhere. 

“My goal is to not only to inspire people to see the world, but also help travellers make informed decisions before getting themselves into something new. “

Her favourite destination(s): Portugal, Kazakhstan