Gundam Factory Yokohama Guide — Your Last Chance To Visit

Standing at 18 metres tall at Yamashita Pier, the giant Gundam has got to be one of the most impressive attractions I’ve seen. Opened in 2020, the Gundam Factory Yokohama is an attraction themed after the popular Gundam franchise.

Gundam Factory Yokohama – Gundam Dock

Initially set to close in March 2023, it has recently been extended to March 2024, which is a relief for fans who have yet to visit. This might be your last chance, so do make sure to include your Japan itinerary!

Getting to Gundam Factory Yokohama

The Gundam Factory Yokohama is a 10-minute walk from the nearest train station, Motomachi Chukagai, in Yokohama, which is about an hour away from Tokyo.

Gundam Factory Yokohama - Yamashita Pier
The exhibition sits on the edge of Yamashita Pier

Walking through Yamashita Park along the Yokohama waterfront, you’ll be able to spot the large white container at the edge of Yamashita Pier from a distance and that’s where you’ll find the exhibition.

Entrance And Ticket Counter

If you did not book your tickets beforehand, you can purchase tickets at the entrance but it is not guaranteed you will be able to get them. You’ll likely only be able to purchase entrance tickets (¥1650, ≈SGD 16.50) as the tower dock tickets gets sold out online really quickly.

Gundam Factory Yokohama Entrance

Tour Of The Place


Gundam Factory Yokohama - Gundam Dock

The main attraction, RX-78F00, sits on the dock — a large open space where visitors can marvel at the giant. There are also a few tables — great for a break between the performances.

You’ll find the dock tower on the Gundam’s left and is where you’ll be able to view the giant up close on Deck 5 and 6. Do note that entrance to the dock tower will require a separate ticket.

Academy (Gundam-Lab)

The academy is where you’ll be able to learn about the exhibition and the team behind it. There were also lots of interactive bits where you can fix up a miniature Gundam and also learn how the joints of the giant Gundam moves.

Shopping (The Gundam Base)

Gundam Factory Yokohama – Shop

As with every attraction, there’s a souvenir shop here. Can’t leave without a souvenir amirite?

Many items sold here are limited edition, such as the model kits of the Gundam dock. As of the time we visited, many items are sold out, there seems to be no plans for restock.

There is also a shop right outside, so if you did not manage to get tickets, you can still do some shopping. However, some items that are exclusively for purchase only in the shop inside the attraction.

Gundam Base (public)
Shop outside the attraction


Gundam - mobile store truck
Food truck on the dock

Food and beverages are readily available at the Gundam Cafe and also at food trucks on the dock. However, the food options are pretty limited and the menus of the food trucks are in Japanese only.


The giant Gundam “awakes” roughly every 20 minutes and its performance schedule depends on the day you visit (weekdays, weekends or holidays). It would take you about 2 hours if you want to watch all 4 performances.

Gundam Schedule (Saturday, Sunday and Holidays)
Schedule for Saturday, Sunday and Holidays

Check the website for detailed performance schedules for both weekdays and weekends.

Gundam Factory Yokohama - Gundam Dock

The “Awakening” performance was pretty impressive, though slow, you’ll get to see several movements such as kneeling and walking. Audio and mist added to the grandness and overall vibe of the performance.

Ticketing (Steps To Buying Online)

Entrance tickets cost ¥1650 (≈SGD 16.50) and an additional ¥3300 (≈SGD 33) for the dock tower. As mentioned previously, note that you will have to buy both tickets if you want to visit the dock tower.

Gundam Factory Yokohama - Website Caution Message
A reminder on the website that a separate ticket is required to enter the dock tower.

1. Select the ticket you want to purchase

Gundam Factory Yokohama - Gundam Ticketing Guide Step 1
2 types of tickets available for purchase as shown.

2. Select date

Gundam Factory Yokohama - Gundam Ticketing Guide Step 2
Gundam Factory Yokohama - Gundam Ticketing Guide Step 2.1

3. Select quantity and add it to cart. You will see your cart at the bottom of the window:

Gundam Factory Yokohama - Gundam Ticketing Guide Step 3
Gundam Factory Yokohama - Gundam Ticketing Guide - Cart

You can click on the cart icon to check your selection.

Gundam Factory Yokohama - Gundam Ticketing Guide - Cart Details
4. Pressing purchase will bring you to the next page where you will be shown the “Requests and cautions”. You may enter the details as required after agreeing to the “requests and cautions”.

5. If you require dock tower tickets, you can add them to your cart here. The dock tickets get sold out much quicker as only a small number of people are allowed on the tower.
Gundam Factory Yokohama - Gundam Ticketing Guide - Dock tower
Gundam Factory Yokohama - Gundam Ticketing Guide - Dock tower 2

After purchasing the tickets successfully, you will receive the email with QR codes and the tickets will be reflected in your account under “Tickets owned”. Just show them on your mobile phone at the entrance; the QR code in the email is sufficient to enter the attraction.

Gundam Ticket Step 3

For more detailed instructions please refer to the video from Gundam Factory Yokohama’s official ticketing guide (For PC / Mobile).

Visit the official website for the latest ticketing news. If you are really interested in going up the dock tower, please do not wait to buy the ticket(s) right before entering as it will most probably sold out.

You may have noticed that there’s nothing written about going up the dock tower as we decided to not go for it as it did not seem worth the price. We also felt that viewing the performance from the dock probably looks much cooler as you will be able to see the entire Gundam. Reentry is not allowed and the dock tower is a timed entry ticket so be very sure when leaving that you’ve gotten enough pictures and videos of the exhibition!

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