Eki Stamps — Gotta Collect ’em All! It’s Free!

Like collecting things? Then collecting eki stamps might be something you would be interested in while traveling through Japan. Oh did I mention; this activity does not involve money at all — it’s absolutely free!

Warning: Please do not miss your train just to collect these! 🤭 

What Are Eki Stamps (Japanese Train Station Stamps)?

Eki stamps paper

Eki stamp (駅スタンプ) translates literally to station stamp. These are typically found near the exit(s) or the entrance(s) of the station.

I have seen only 1 stamp counter in most stations but there are actually 2 stamp counters at Kyoto Station. I will be sharing a few variations of the eki stamps and their locations in the stations that I have visited. However, not all Japanese train lines will have them, but rest assure that most Japan Railway (JR) stations will have them, so do keep a lookout if you are on any of the JR lines.

Where To Find Stamp Books?

Notebook from Traveler's factory - Eki stamps
Notebook for eki stamps from Traveler’s Factory

You can stamp the eki stamps on of your journals or notebooks, or get a notebook from nearest bookstore. Most bookstores will sell eki stamp books, with prices ranging between ¥500 – ¥1000. I got mine from Traveler’s Factory as I’m using their journal books and it could be added into my journal. It’s also a limited edition book from their collaboration with the Tokyo Metro. Will be sharing more about my travelling journal and other stamps in other posts.

If you do not wish to spend money on a notebook, you can ask for a piece of paper from the train station staff. Some stations do have special printed papers that you can collect too!

(Left) Special paper for ski stamp from train station (Right) Eki stamp in personal notebook

JR East (Tokyo Branch) New Stamps

For those who are only visiting Tokyo, good news is that recently in July 2020, JR East introduced new stamps for all 78 stations covered within their Tokyo branch office area. These stamps are smaller than your usual stamps though. English names of the stations have also been included so more tourists will also be able to enjoy this activity together.

Tips For Stamping!

1. Bring some rough paper along:
– to test the stamps;
– to lay your book on (as it can be rather messy with inks on the stamp counter);
– to use as a backing to prevent ink bleeding onto the next page

2. Record the station name and/or date (take a picture, if you have allowed your smartphone’s camera to use your location) – this will help you to identify the station names if you are not able to read Japanese.

Stamp Locations

Japan Rail West

Kyoto Station 京都駅

2 stamp machines in this station

Kyoto Station - eki Stamps Machine
Kyoto Station: Before Underground East Exit
Kyoto Station - eki Stamps Machine
Kyoto Station: Before Hachijo East Exit

Kyuhoji Station 久宝寺駅

Kyuhoji Station - eki stamp location
Kyuhoji Station: Before exit

Namba Station 難波駅

Namba Station - eki stamp machine
JR Namba Station: Next to fare adjustment machine (before exit)

Nara Station 奈良駅

Nara Station - eki stamp location
Nara Station: Next to ticketing machines

Osaka Station 大阪駅

Osaka Station - eki stamp location
Osaka Station: Before Central Gate entrance

Shin-Osaka Station 新大阪駅

Shin-osaka Station - eki stamp location
Shin-Osaka Station: Before East Exit

Universal City Station ユニバーサルシティ駅

Universal City Station - eki stamp location
Universal City Station: Next to fare adjustment machine (before exit)

Japan Rail East

Saitama Shintoshin Station さいたま新都心駅

Saitama Shintoshin Station - eki stamp location
Saitama Shintoshin: Near the ticketing machines

Japan Rail East (Tokyo Branch)

Akihabara Station 秋葉原駅

Akihabara Station - eki stamp location
Akihabara Station: Opposite ticketing machines and gantry

Harajuku Station 原宿駅

Harajuku Station - eki stamp location
Harajuku Station: Outside Omotesando Exit

Shibuya Station 渋谷駅

Shibuya Station - eki stamps
Shibuya Station: Inside the JR ticket office
Shibuya Station - eki stamps
Shibuya Station: in the same office – Bonus stamp! Shibuyagi, the official mascot of Shibuya station.

Tokyo Station 東京駅

Tokyo Station - eki stamp location
Tokyo Station: Before Marunouchi South Entrance

Ueno Station 上野駅

Missing the location image for this stamp, but its right outside the JR ticket office! The stamp “platform” looks exactly the same as the others in JR East (Tokyo Branch) and in green, so it will be easy to identify.

Hope these will help with your eki stamp collection!

Looking for more stamps to collect?


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Goshuin, a handwritten stamp by monks, are also popular amongst locals and tourists. They can be found in most temples across Japan and each require a small fee.

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