Guide To The Perfect Yokohama Day Trip From Tokyo

Yokohama, is known as the port city of Japan, and offers a unique contrast from the fast-paced energy of Tokyo. If you have a day to spare during your time in Tokyo, I’d recommend doing a Yokohama day trip for a different side of Japan’s culture and history.

Getting to Yokohama from Tokyo

Yokohama is around 30 kilometres south of Tokyo and the easiest way (in my opinion) to get from Tokyo to Yokohama is by train.

From Tokyo Station, there are 2 lines, the Ueno-Tokyo Line and Yokosuka Line that will take you to Yokohama Station. The journey takes about 30 minutes and will cost about ¥500.


Chinatown entrance - Yokohama day trip

The Yokohama Chinatown is Japan’s largest Chinatown, and is home to over 600 stalls.

The biggest “attraction” of Chinatown is the endless selection of food stalls, though I must say, many stalls sell similar dishes — buns. Large steamed buns, red bean buns, soup buns and even chocolate buns. Of course, there are many other street food as well as all-you-can-eat buffet restaurants too.

Pan-fried soup dumplings (Yaki Shoronpo)

Upon stepping into Chinatown, I immediately spotted many people holding a tray of pan-fried soup dumplings (yaki shoronpo) and decided to get some to try. Prices of the dumplings range between ¥400 to ¥800, depending on the shop you buy from, or if you choose to get it in a set with a drink.

Yaki shoronpo is basically a xiao long bao (soup dumpings) with much thicker skin, and fried at the bottom.

Nearest station: Ishikawachō Station (3 stops on the Negishi Line from Yokohama Station)

Yamashita Park

Yamashita Park Sign

Yamashita Park is a public park that stretches along Yokohama’s waterfront and is a popular park for joggers and cyclists. Compared to parks in Tokyo, Yamashita Park felt less crowded and suffocating, likely due to its location by the bay.

Yamashita Park is also home to the Hikawa Maru, an ocean liner, which has been converted into a museum. The Hikawa Maru was used to transport people and goods between Yokohama, Seattle and San Francisco. She was also once used as a hospital ship during war.

Getting there: 5 minutes walk from Yokohama Chinatown

Gundam Factory Yokohama

Walking along the Yokohama waterfront, you may spot a 18 metre tall Gundam statue, the centrepiece of the Gundam Factory Yokohama. Opened in 2020, the Gundam Factory Yokohama is a must-visit for all Gundam fans.

The dock is where you will find the giant Gundam and there are various performances throughout the day. You can buy an additional ticket (¥3300) to go up the dock tower for a closer look of the Gundam. Do take note that even with the dock ticket, you have to purchase an entrance ticket as well.

There is also an “academy”, where you can learn more about the exhibition, a cafe and shop.

The Gundam Factory is scheduled to close in March 2024, so Gundam fans, hurry!

Check out our guide and review for more information about the Gundam Factory Yokohama.

Opening hours: Weekdays 11am – 8pm (closed on Tuesdays), Weekends and holidays 10am – 8pm, last admission 7pm
Entrance ticket: ¥1650
Dock tower viewing ticket: ¥3300

Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum

The Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum is a one-stop shop for all things ramen. Besides an exhibition area where you can learn about the history of ramen, you can also take part in a Ramen Making Experience class (¥4000).

However, my favourite area has got to be the basement, where the ramen shops are located. You can find ramen from all over Japan here, so it’s almost like traveling Japan while still being in Yokohama. Besides permanent stalls, there are also a few that are only open for a short period of time. You can check out the website for the full list of ramen shops, as well as the real-time waiting time for each shop.

Opening hours: Weekdays 11am – 9pm, Weekends 10.30 am – 9pm
Nearest station: Shin-Yokohama Station
Entrance fee: Adults ¥350, Seniors ¥100
Address: 2 Chome-14-21 Shinyokohama, Kohoku Ward, Yokohama, Kanagawa 222-0033, Japan

Other Places Of Interest in Yokohama

Yokohama Cup Noodle Museum: learn about the history of cup noodles and you can also create their own cup noodles at a interactive exhibit.

Cosmo World: Pay-per-ride amusement park with a large ferris wheel, rides range between ¥300 – 700. This is a great place to end your night as the giant ferris wheel lights up and becomes a colourful addition to the Yokohama skyline.

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